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Land of Music
I wish I could get lost
in a Land of Music
Walking down streets
made of melodies
Bounding through fields
comprised of harmonies
Listening to the birds
do their thing
The sweet chimes of bells
as they ring
The music of life
flowing out of fountains
Thunderous sounds
bouncing off mountains
The clouds just humming along
singing their song
The swaying trees
moving to the sounds of the breeze
This Land of Music
So fragile and intricate
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I will make the world dance
Seas will Stir
Mountains will Move
Clouds will Converge
Forests will Float
My word is my music
My thoughts are my word
The fantasies of the world
make up my thoughts
My music will shake the Earth
changing the foundations
holding this cracking crust of rock
we call a planet
Have you seen the world dance?
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Poetic Breakdown
And so I write these lines of
meaningful nothing
to put the ether of emotion
into understanding
But how can you truly understand
something that is made of nothing
and yet can change everything?
The stanzas uopn stanzas
of ryhming lyrics that
the hopeless romantic
puts forth
The philosopher
who writes out his thought
but means absolutely
nothing of it
Possibly the bubbling flow
of the ever-so-happy
that warms your soul
Or maybe the dark,
abyss-making whispers of your
neigborhood emo
that chills your bones
You can read the words
and give thought
but the rest is speculation
pertaining to something,
but on the other hand also
And so we write and write
and hope to accomplish
so much by doing what we see as
so little
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Memories fade,
But scars last forever.
-quote by me
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Miserable by Writt3nInTh3Stars Miserable :iconwritt3ninth3stars:Writt3nInTh3Stars 0 0
Feeling of Bursting
And I'm back to this feeling of bursting
If I could just show you how much I love you
Would it change your

If there was a way, to collect every drop of what I feel for you, like harvesting the grapes from the vineyard, and make it into a pure essence of happiness and joy and
like a wine, perfectly aged,
Would it make you think twice about letting me go?
             I'm not mad at you
I just grieve the loss of something I held dear
I've never truly been mad
    On the verge of madNESS, sOMetImes posSIbly MaybE, but never felt the anger I used to live with, or as I said once upon a time, "made a part of me"
Insane, yet completely sane, a contradiction as strange as seeing the moon on sunny days
I know you say the cynic in me killed us
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Love Me
Why can't you just love me
In the day you're all I can see
At night you're all I can dream
I miss those gentle touches
The soft kisses I placed on your cheek
The feel of your hair as I held you to me
The quiet whisper of your breath as you said you loved me
The sparkle in your eyes when you looked at me
The sound of your laughter filling me
That smile that meant I made you happy
These tears have been crying, am crying, are only meant to show the sorrow that you are missing in my life
Showing that empty void only you can fill
The hole in my chest has never seemed so threatening
Never felt more likely to swallow me whole
Close up that hole
Love me again
Love me
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Story of a Boy
This is the story of a boy. A boy who would do anything, absolutely anything, to make the one person he cared for most in this world love him the way he loved her. He would feel all of the pain, sadness, and anger for that person just to make her happy. Because that was also what he wanted. For her to be happy. Anything he could do to make her smile and laugh was another accomplishment in his life. And even though those two things, love and happiness, are so closely related, it doesn't mean they always come together. You see, she did love him and she was happy about it. But the love of two friends isn't anything compared to the love that he had in mind. He wanted them to spend the rest of their lives together, side by side, through better or worse, in sickness and in health, through life or death. But he couldn't have that without her being unhappy. She was just fine with being friends, and he was willing to suffer the pain that came along with the friendship, but even the most collect
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On My Mind Again
There you are, on my mind again
Where you have been since I first laid eyes on that beautiful face
Since our first smile
Since our first laugh
Since our first linked hands
Since our first hug
Since our first date
Since our first kiss
Since our first "I love you"
Since our first fight
Since our first make up
Since our first break up
Since our first awkward silence
Since our first failed jokes
Since our first "just friends"
There you are, on my mind again
Where you have been since the first I felt my heart break
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What I Would Give for You
What would I give for you
To see me
The way I see you
To look at me
The way I dream you to
To smile at me
The way I know you were meant to do
To laugh with me
The way I tried to do
To be near me
The way I wish you wanted to
To kiss me
The way I used to do
To love me
The way I love you
What I would give for you
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In Circles by Writt3nInTh3Stars In Circles :iconwritt3ninth3stars:Writt3nInTh3Stars 0 0 Lightning in the Sky by Writt3nInTh3Stars Lightning in the Sky :iconwritt3ninth3stars:Writt3nInTh3Stars 0 0
Mature content
What's Wrong With Being Happy? :iconwritt3ninth3stars:Writt3nInTh3Stars 0 0
Death to Me, Life to Man by Writt3nInTh3Stars Death to Me, Life to Man :iconwritt3ninth3stars:Writt3nInTh3Stars 0 4 War by Writt3nInTh3Stars War :iconwritt3ninth3stars:Writt3nInTh3Stars 1 0 Shi by Writt3nInTh3Stars Shi :iconwritt3ninth3stars:Writt3nInTh3Stars 0 0


Commission Impossible Gomamon by Gazelle1583 Commission Impossible Gomamon :icongazelle1583:Gazelle1583 30 26
I wish we could always stay in this moment,
Right here in this place
Where time stands still
And slowly moves in circles around us.
Underneath my hand,
I can feel his heartbeat, a steady drum,
Faint, but strong enough to bring a smile to my face.
These are times when I never have to worry
About what could be in his head,
What amazing thoughts could be rolling around in there.
Time after time,
I can feel us perfectly in sync.
We can talk about things as insignificant as the weather,
Yet as wonderful and thoughtful as life itself.
But nothing is as simple, as good,
As being able to enjoy our time together.
We seem to fit our hands so easily together,
Enjoying every touch like it's the first time.
:iconplathfan910:plathfan910 27 24
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Missing You
How is it that you and I have never clicked,
Yet I find myself missing you?
Why did you cause me so much pain,
But I miss your friendship every day?
It's hard for me to even comprehend,
How these things begin to happen.
I can be completely happy,
Laughing, joking, along with him
And then when I'm alone again,
There's an emptiness that seems to never leave,
A longing that I can't express.
I think I'm waiting for you,
Waiting for you to get off your ass
And maybe realize that you might want to be my friend again.
Because that's what I miss about you,
Not the way that we used to kiss,
Or the way you used to cuddle me in the dark
With only the moon as a spotlight.
I just miss the way we used to be able to talk,
Long conversations that can last for hours.
Talking with you
Used to make those summer days go better,
Ease my anxiety before I parted ways with you.
I'm not exactly sure what happened here,
Why you suddenly became the way you did.
It's not easy for me to say I miss you,
It's never
:iconplathfan910:plathfan910 13 9
The meeting by Sunima The meeting :iconsunima:Sunima 6,030 798 Tree of Light by sakimichan Tree of Light :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 12,400 352 Change by KaeKaae Change :iconkaekaae:KaeKaae 1 5




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I'm so sorry everyone! T_T I've been away for so long!! But I promise I'll be on a whole lot more now!! I PROMISE!!!! (these terms do not apply if I don't feel like it.. face it, it happens...)


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